National Efforts Related to ASEAN Connectivity
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Sustainable Infrastucture | 15 July 2020
Transit-Oriented Development
Improving Financing for Asias Public Transportation Projects Asia’s Critical Urban Transport Needs Some of the worlds most bustling cities are in Asia. According to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), 80% of Asia’s new economic growth will be generated through these urban economies. With most jobs located in cities, 44 million…
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Sustainable Infrastucture | 1 July 2020
Trashing it Out: Waste Management in Asia
Generating waste is easy, but managing it is difficult Wasting away The world is generating more waste than ever. Waste generated in Asia Pacific is projected to increase from about 802 million tonnes in 2016 to 1.1 trillion tonnes in 2030[1]. In Southeast Asia alone, waste volume has been increasing…
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Sustainable Infrastucture | 15 June 2020
Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan (2018-2030)
The Myanmar Sustainable Development Plan (MSDP) provides a long-term vision; a vision of a peaceful, prosperous and democratic country. Founded upon the objective of giving coherence to the policies and institutions necessary to achieve genuine, inclusive and transformational economic growth, this MSDP has been developed to reinvigorate reform and promote…
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Sustainable Infrastucture | 12 May 2020
Cross-border Connectivity – Regional needs and the role of Infrastructure Asia
The recovery of the Pesse canoe from about 10,000 years ago marks the earliest instance known to us when a boat was made1, demonstrating how humans have created tools to overcome geographical barriers to connect to other places. Modes of connectivity have since progressed tremendously and remain a critical role…
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Digital Innovation, People Mobility, Regulatory Excellence, Seamless Logistics, Sustainable Infrastucture | 5 August 2019
Enhancing ASEAN Connectivity for the Next Generation
Interview with Mr. Woody Milintachinda on enhancing “ASEAN Connectivity” for the next generation. Play the video to learn more.
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