National Efforts Related to ASEAN Connectivity
Sustainable Infrastucture | 7 September 2018
Integrating Land Use & Mobility: Supporting Sustainable Growth

In Singapore, a small and densely built-up city state, an integrated approach to transport and land use planning is essential to creating a highly liveable and sustainable environment. This Urban Systems Study traces more than five decades of integration between the planning and development of transport and land use, to minimise congestion and inefficient use of land. Singapores visionary, long-term planning enables the development of housing estates and commercial centres outside of the Central Area, closely served by a robust transport network of roads and a rail-based mass rapid transit (MRT) system. At the local level, comprehensive urban design guidelines ensure close integration between transport nodes and their surrounding developments, enhancing accessibility and connectivity. This integrated framework for land use and transport development continues to evolve to meet changing needs through the years.

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