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| 30 March 2022
ASEAN Sustainable Urbanisation Forum
ASEAN in collaboration with UN-Habitat organised the ASEAN Sustainable Urbanisation Forum (ASUF) on 6-8 October 2021. The virtual event brought together more than 80 experts and speakers across the region and attracted over 1,400 registered participants from 48 countries. The event hosted a series of sessions of diverse nature, creating…
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| 21 January 2022
ASEAN Sustainable Urbanisation Forum Report
ASEAN Sustainable Urbanisation Forum (ASUF) was held on 6-8 October 2021, as part of efforts undertaken by ASEAN in implementing the ASEAN Sustainable Urbanisation Strategy (ASUS) and contributing to sustainable urban development. The three-day event served as platform for ASEAN Member States and relevant stakeholders to connect with each other…
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ASEAN Secretariat News | 9 November 2021
Experts, private sector exchange views on future of infrastructure
JAKARTA, 9 November 2021 – Infrastructure Asia, the Lead Implementing Body for Sustainable Infrastructure (LIB-SI), and the ASEAN Secretariat, co-organised a public discussion on the Future of Infrastructure: Shaping Asia’s Sustainability Focus yesterday, online and in-person in Singapore. As part of the Asia Sustainable Infrastructure Advisory (ASIA) Panel Inaugural Meeting…
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| 22 October 2021
MPAC 2025: Current Development and Future Directions
MPAC 2025 has made significant progress since its adoption by ASEAN Leaders in 2016. Watch the video to find out more about the progress and how MPAC 2025 supports post-pandemic recovery and promotes resilience in the region. You can also see the video on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
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ASEAN Secretariat News | 12 October 2021
ASEAN discusses impacts of COVID-19, future priorities on sustainable infrastructure
JAKARTA, 12 October 2021 – Today, the Lead Implementing Body for Sustainable Infrastructure (LIB-SI) conducted a Regional Workshop as part of the project on Assessment of Future Sustainable Infrastructure Trends and Priorities in a Post-Pandemic ASEAN. The workshop brought together more than 190 participants, including representatives from ASEAN Sectoral Bodies,…
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