Regional Efforts Related to ASEAN Connectivity
22 October 2020
Framework for Improving ASEAN Infrastructure Productivity

ASEAN is situated in a vibrant environment where it needs to address the challenge of improving overall productivity to sustain economic progress. Given limited resources and considering the huge infrastructure needs in the region, ASEAN will need to increase not only in the infrastructure spending but also in the productivity of the infrastructure itself.

The Framework for Improving ASEAN Infrastructure Productivity aims to address this challenge, assisting relevant stakeholders across ASEAN Member States to make informed and evidence-based policies towards improving infrastructure productivity across the entire infrastructure project lifecycle. The Framework's seven workstreams and two toolkits developed will help ASEAN Member States prioritise their capacity building needs and customise specific actions.


As mentioned in the Publication, an Excel workbook is provided to assist ASEAN Member States with capturing their self-assessment and calculating the scores against each workstream.